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What the Junior will learn

  • The best ways to hold the club and get ready before you take a swing

  • Getting comfortable with the full swing

  • Using your irons to get the ball in the air and onto the green

  • Swinging your driver and the other ‘big’ clubs to hit the long shots

  • Caring for the course, learning the ‘lingo’, like fairway & rough, tee box & green, divot & bunker, and more

  • Helpful shortcuts to save time while you play

  • Linking all that you’ve learned to play a few holes

  • More opportunities for you to come back and play golf

Cost: $250.00 (Includes: range balls and green fee)

No clubs? No problem! Golf clubs available during each class.

Weekly Curriculum

  • Week 1- Putting Fundamentals

  • Week 2- Full Swing (irons)

  • Week 3- Short Game (chip vs pitch)

  • Week 4- Review / Evaluation

  • Week 5- Full Swing (woods)

  • Week 6- Short Game (bunkers)

  • Week 7- Review / Evaluation

  • Week 8- Play on Golf Course (Tee Time TBD)

Junior Classes: News & Updates
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