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PGA Professional


Rob has been in the golf business since 1997. First as a caddy and player, then instructor, coach, and mentor. In 2007 he joined the PGA of America as a "Class A" Professional. Rob has taught golfers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. His students continually benefit from his understanding and mastery of the golf swing. Rob's easy and understanding approach makes learning from him fun. Rob believes he is more that just a teacher, he is also a coach and mentor. His focus is to provide the tools and encouragement to accomplish any and all golfing goals. 

Career Highlights:

  • PGA of America Class A Membership   

  • The First Tee of America Certified Instructor

  • PGA of America ADM (American Development Model) Certified Instructor

  • Golf Squad Certified Junior Instructor

  • PGA Junior Camps Director of Instruction

Swing Philosophy

Coach Rob believes that the golf swing starts with a strong foundation of the pre-swing fundamentals. (Proper grip, stance, aim, balance, posture, alignment, and ball position.) Educating his students to understand what is happening, the “cause and effect”, in their golf swing is the basis to his golf teaching philosophy. 

Rob States...

“The more my students can own their golf swing, the better equipped they will be in handling the challenges of this game. In addition to my instruction, I believe that real swing development requires a commitment to practice. Properly assigned swing drills and professional guidance helps individuals have more fun and accomplish all their personal golfing goals.”

Since everyone processes information differently, Rob's job as a professional instructor is to ensure the information is understood completely, in the most simple way possible. He makes use of video, social media, as well as learning aids to help with this process.

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